Success Story
Success Story

Snapchat delivers highly engaged users for Dreams app


lower cost per install vs. all other channels


of installs driven by paid media campaigns were acquired through Snapchat


higher average daily watch time for users acquired through Snapchat vs. other channels
The Story
Dreams is an app that broadcasts new, made-for-mobile TV channels. Delivering stellar content for free, with no login required, Dreams is an easy and engaging way to watch TV anywhere you go. They turned to Snapchat to acquire new and highly engaged users – an audience that values a seamless, mobile-first content experience.
​The Solution: Story Ads ​​
Dreams leveraged Story Ads as a way to acquire new users at scale. This format was most fitting, as it mimicked the Dreams experience of browsing full-screen mobile TV channels, while also showing the breadth and depth of content Dreams offers. Leveraging the Tile to tease content and capture the audience’s attention also resulted in acquiring a much more engaged audience that demonstrated high intent to not only convert, but also turn into some of their best users. This resulted in Dreams seeing a 20% higher average daily watch time for users who joined via Snapchat. They were also able to drive down their CPI by targeting Lookalikes of their most engaged users and leveraging Snap Lifestyle Categories such as Trendsetters and TV Fans. They optimized their bids for Story opens in an effort to maximize the efficiency of their spend.
The Results
Dreams continues to achieve positive ROI from deepening their partnership with Snapchat, seeing CPI decrease by 80% while retaining very high engagement from new users.