Success Story
Success Story

Snapchat brings the best ROI and CAC for Virtuo


Lower CPI than other social media channels.


Higher ROAS than other social media channels.


Higher conversion rate than other social media channels.

The Story

Virtuo offers an online platform that enables its users to book premium car rental services. The app allows you to locate, unlock the vehicle and drive away within minutes. Looking to acquire more potential customers at a lower cost, Virtuo came to Snapchat to run an App Install campaign that would offer a strong return on investment.

The Solution

With the goal of acquiring new qualified users, Virtuo ran a Snap Ads App Install campaign. Using Snap Audience Match, Virtuo was able to target the right users from its database with high potential to convert. To optimize costs, Virtuo leveraged Goal Based Bidding to optimize for those who would install their app and sign up. Using a range of best-practice creative assets, they managed to reach their target with engaging content.

The Results

As a young and developing company, Virtuo monitors cost metrics closely. With Snapchat, Virtuo has found a strong new channel to acquire customers while keeping their costs low. With a ROAS 3.8x higher than other social media channels, and a Cost per Sign Up 33% cheaper, Snapchat is their most efficient acquisition social channel. Snapchatters also proved to be higher quality users than what Virtuo found on other social media platforms, with a lifetime value 13% higher and an uninstall rate twice as low as other social media channels.

Testing new ways of reaching our potential customers is crucial for us. Snapchat proved to be a great user acquisition channel even for older audiences and quickly became an essential part of our marketing mix. 

Denitsa Georgieva, Head of Acquisition Marketing, Virtuo