Success Story
Success Story

Sky Zone flew high on Snapchat with over 13M views of its Filter

1 in 3

Snapchatters who saw the Filter shared it with friends


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The Story

In Sky Zone trampoline parks around the US, jumpers were already in the habit of taking selfies in the air. So, Sky Zone worked with Snapchat to personalize those moments and drive awareness by creating a Filter. This seamlessly integrated its brand into those memories, and turned Sky Zone customers into advocates for the parks.

Solution: Filter

Filters gave Sky Zone the perfect opportunity to join the jumpers as they shared their experiences. Incorporating a piece of the experience — Sky Zone’s signature jumping socks — the brand found a way to take part in its customers’ Snaps to friends and family.
One in three Snapchatters at Sky Zone locations who saw the Filter applied it to their Snap and shared it with their friends and family. In less than six months, the Filter was used more than 250K times, and those Snaps were seen by 13.2M people. Not only did customers engage with the brand via Snapchat, but they spread the word about Sky Zone on a massive scale.