Shoppable AR, Paired with Multi-Product Strategy, Gives CUUP the Gift of Efficient Incrementality During the Holidays 


lift in ad awareness


lift in brand favorability


lift in topline purchase lift with Lens cell


cost per newly acquired customer

The Story: 

CUUP, an inclusive intimates brand prioritizing sizing and inclusivity, partnered with Snapchat to drive engagement and sales over the holiday season. Given historical success with Snapchat’s video solutions, CUUP was looking to build an incremental reach opportunity by tapping into the scale of engaged Millennials and Gen Z via the camera. 

The Solution: 

Building off of proven success, CUUP launched a multi-product strategy targeting both Millennial and Gen Z shoppers on Snapchat. 

For the first time CUUP leveraged the power of Snapchat’s camera, creating a Shoppable AR Lens which transported shoppers to a virtual vacation where they could shop the latest bra styles. CUUP also leveraged Snap Ads and Story Ads all prompting further shopping on CUUPs website. 

A sophisticated targeting strategy complimented the multi-product approach, allowing CUUP to not only scale their reach potential, but maximize the opportunity to drive sales. Their prospecting strategy included various interest and shopper audiences, lookalikes based on pixel events. They also retargeted pixel audiences based on on site shopping behaviors signaling shopper intent. 

The Results: 

As a part of multi-product strategy, the CUUP shoppable Lens reached over 5.56M  Snapchatters who virtually window shopped for over 19 seconds on average3

In addition, the AR Lens, in combination with Snap Ads and Story Ads drove incremental results for CUUP. While results were impressive throughout the full campaign, Snapchatters exposed to all three units drove significantly higher lift vs. Snapchatters who only saw the Snap Ads and Story Ads. When looking at brand lift, there was a 27 point lift in Ad awareness1 , 11 point lift in Favorability 1 , 9 point lift in Purchase Intent1. The campaign also drove more efficient lower funnel results, yielding a 17% more efficient cost per newly acquired customer1  and 8.6% Purchase Lift with the Lens2

The inclusion of the AR Lens unlocked both the incremental audience and performance results CUUP was looking to deliver. Thus proving the power of the camera’s ability to unlock untapped audiences that lead to full funnel results. 

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2 Snap Inc. internal data October 22 - December 31, 2020
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