ASICS drives 13pt ad awareness lift with try-on Lens on Snapchat

13pt lift

in ad awareness from the campaign

29 seconds

Playtime for men - retargeting

39 seconds

Playtime for women - retargeting

The Story:

ASICS knows that every runner is different. And they also know that people who find the right shoe for their running needs are more likely to convert and buy the product. 

Snap’s technology is capable of driving conversion and decreasing returns through augmented reality try-ons and so ASICS decided to put this to the test and see if this would help drive interest in their line up of shoes including the Gel Kayano 29 and Novablast 3.

The Solution:

ASICS & Performics @ Starcom used Snapchat’s latest shoe AR try-on technology to enable Snapchatters to try on the latest models

The AR try-on was used for both prospecting and remarketing to test and learn where this would have the most impact. Interestingly, we saw very strong results at both stages of the funnel.

The Results:

By allowing people to try on a shoe digitally via a try-on AR Lens ASICS went beyond a typical prospecting and remarketing campaign. The AR Lens was targeted at both prospecting and retargeting audiences, so we could see at which stage of the funnel this would have the most impact. Playtime varied between 16 seconds in prospecting and were as high as 39 seconds for the retargeting audience, smashing internal Snapchat benchmarks.

More importantly, the high playtimes resulted in a +13 lift in ad awareness, which shows the real impact of this format.

We identified Snapchat’s AR Lens as an opportunity to replicate a product trial experience in a digital space. By completely exceeding Snapchat’s average camera playtime benchmarks, it showed that our audiences wanted to engage with our brand and product solutions, ultimately, resulting in a significant lift in overall ad awareness.

Almeri Solomon, Paid Media Specialist at ASICS