January 16, 2023
January 16, 2023

Shimmer Games Achieved 30% Lower CPI With Snapchat Ads


lower CPI than the customer KPI


downloads in a single month

The Story

Since 2013, developer Shimmer Games has been producing high-quality content for mobile platforms across the globe for both game development and publishing. Their social game “Rent Please! Landlord Sim” became one of the highest-ranking games in the US market, especially among younger generations who responded to the vivid, cartoon-style visuals and entertaining experience of building their own community and acting as a landlord. Wanting to acquire new iOS users in the US market, Shimmer Games partnered with Snapchat to reach the platform’s young and highly engaged audience.

The Solution

To quickly scale up their branding on Snapchat, Shimmer Games primarily leaned into Snap Ads that leveraged goal-based bidding — setting their specific goal to installs. With goal-based bidding, Shimmer Games could optimize their ad content toward Snapchatters most likely to install the app. By adopting Snapchat’s best practices for social games and relying on added support from Snapchat, the brand was able to produce eye-catching, interactive creative elements including live commentary during play and showcasing the “fun failure” game experience, which proved enticing to younger players. Additionally, during the busy shopping season in November 2022, Shimmer Games used Snapchat’s machine-learning capabilities to further drive user growth with a lower CPM.

The Result

Across all of their Snapchat, Shimmer Games acquired more than 50,0001 downloads in a single month, and achieved a CPI that was 30%1 lower than their KPI. Very satisfied with the current performance, Shimmer Games is looking forward to further collaborating with Snapchat to improve the retention rate of these new acquired users.

“Snapchat is one of our key user-acquisition channels in the US market, and it helps us achieve great results with its young and highly engaging community. We are willing to test more products and creatives with Snapchat to drive sustainable user growth.” 
Cheng Wang, Head of Game Publishing, Shimmer Games

1 Adjust Internal Data, Oct. 31–Nov. 30, 2022.