Over Half a Billion Impressions in a 1 Day Activation for Saudi Tourism Authority


total impressions

10+ years

worth of playtime on the Lens


share rate on the filter

The Story

Saudi Tourism Authority partnered with Snapchat to create a tool for the Snapchatters in Saudi to bond, celebrate and engage in Saudi Arabia’s founding day. The creative execution was focused on augmenting the authentic & traditional Saudi outfit combined with a static filter to apply on users’ captured moments.
The Solution
A unique augmented reality experience activated nationally that gave Snapchatters in Saudi the opportunity to dress up in traditional authentic clothes, in addition to a National Filter to help users celebrate and share their national pride with their friends and families.
The Results
The National AR Lens and National Filter, which ran for 1 day, managed to reach almost 15 Million Snapchat users, 503 million in total impressions,1 and 10 years and 9 months worth of playtime.2 In addition, the share rate of the filter was over 20%.3
These results are a first in MENA, creating a new record of 1 day engagements for 1 activation on the Snapchat platform.
1 Snap Inc. internal data February 22, 2022
2 Snap Inc. internal data February 22, 2022
3 Snap Inc. internal data February 22, 2022