Samsung Successfully Launches Their Galaxy Note20 Using a Multi-Format Video Approach on Snapchat




product awareness


action intent

The Story

Samsung partnered with Snapchat to generate awareness and excitement around the launch of their new Galaxy Note20 phone. 

The Solution

Leveraging the power of Snapchat’s portfolio of video formats, we ran a variety of bespoke creative, tailored to fit the needs of each phase of the campaign. Using Snap ads as teasers, Commercials for launch, and Dynamic Ads to drive conversion. 

The Results

The results were a huge success, the multi-format, full funnel approach gave the audience a holistic perspective of the Galaxy Note20. Particularly in the 25-34 age group which had a +11pp uplift in brand favorability1. Not only that, but the campaign drove action intent for an incremental 401K people, costing $0.21 for each person influenced1. As well as an incremental 521K people now aware of the Galaxy Note20 costing $0.16 for each person influenced.1

1 Source: Snap Inc. brand lift survey of Saudi Arabia Snapchat users July 29 - October 31, 2020. Control n=752 Exposed n=679