Success Story
Success Story

RSVLTS achieves 11.13x ROAS with Snapchat on their holiday shopping campaign




higher AOV than other paid social channels during the period*


higher ROAS than other paid social channels during the campaign*

The Story

RSVLTS is an apparel company who creates conversation starting clothing items for people who want to wear their memories on their sleeves. With a main goal of increasing sales, RSVLTS partnered with JUICE, a full-service digital marketing agency, to leverage Snapchat to drive cost efficiencies and acquire a new, differentiated audience that could not be found on other platforms.

The Solution

The Snap Pixel was instrumental in allowing JUICE and RSVLTS to build an audience of Snapchatters to retarget and convert into purchasers. After implementing the Snap Pixel, JUICE created several versions of Snap Ads for RSVLTS centered around major upcoming shopping holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday to increase awareness around key holiday shopping moments. JUICE followed Snap’s creative best practices and produced ads for RSVLTS that were eye-catching, concise, and linear to grab their audience’s attention from the moment the ads were viewed. Having a variety of ads allowed the brand to remain contextually relevant while keeping their audience informed about the deals occurring throughout the weekend. By retargeting Snapchatters who previously visited the RSVLTS web page, they were able to target Snapchatters who were already familiar with the brand who would most likely make a purchase.

The Result

Overall, Snapchat exceeded RSVLTS expectations, driving a significantly larger ROAS compared to any other marketing channel for their campaign. The JUICE and RSVLTS partnership resulted in a successful Snapchat campaign achieving an impressive 11.13x return on ad spend, making it one of their most profitable campaigns to date.

*Source: RSVLTS internal data.

“JUICE was an amazing partner to RSVLTS during the 2018 holiday season. The Snapchat holiday campaign achieved an impressive 11.13x ROAS, helping us achieve the best holiday sales period in the history of our company. We look forward to advertising even more on Snapchat in 2019.”

Chris, Director of Digital Marketing, RSVLTS