Success Story
Success Story

Rollic increases their spend on Snapchat by 10X after seeing efficient scale & reach


better reach vs. other platforms


of total downloads via paid media came from Snapchat campaigns

The Story

Rollic is a game publishing company based in Turkey that works with over 60 studios to publish interactive hyper-casual games for consumers all over the world. They were trying to find scale and reach for their premier games. Ultimately, Rollic partnered with Snapchat to tap into a net new audience that was differentiated.

The Solution: Snap Ads + Story Ads

Rollic began running App Install campaigns using Snapchat’s Story Ad and Snap Ad formats, targeting by gender. They also leveraged Snapchat’s Goal Based Bidding tool, bidding on Installs, to efficiently acquire new users. They saw incredible success early on, allowing them to grow their daily spend by 10x.

Rollic launched with 6 different pieces of creative, allowing them to test and learn. Ultimately, they optimized towards the best performing creative, seeing even better cost efficiencies in terms of downloads. Rollic saw they were able to scale up to 100,000 downloads per day without cost per install increasing.

The Result

Overall, Snapchat proved to be a top performing marketing partner for Rollic, being a top UA channel for the company. Snapchat’s products allowed them to scale up quickly at an extremely cost efficient rate. They also found the users acquired from Snapchat were high quality, seeing greater retention rates when compared to other platforms.

1 Source: Rollic internal data