Success Story
Success Story

The Ridge used the Snap Pixel to drive 55% lower cost per acquisition


Lower cost per acquisition vs. other platforms


Return on ad spend


Lower cost per acquisition using Pixel lookalike audiences

The Story

The Ridge is a minimalist wallet brand designed by father-son duo Daniel and Paul Kane. Growing out of Kickstarter, the company has since sold hundreds of thousands of wallets through its ecommerce site. With a direct response goal of driving purchases, The Ridge came to Snapchat in search of a new audience who would convert with a strong ROI.

The Solution

Using the Snap Pixel, The Ridge was able to follow the purchase journey of Snapchatters who saw or swiped up on its ads. This allowed it to measure conversions driven by Snapchat across mobile and desktop in order to better track and optimize its performance. The Snap Pixel also allowed The Ridge to seamlessly create custom audiences based on those who were purchasing its wallets in real time. These high-intent audiences have proven to be a great way to cross-sell new products, as well as create lookalike audiences of Snapchatters who share similar characteristics with its existing customers. These lookalike audiences have fueled The Ridge’s most successful campaigns to date.

The Ridge also experimented with multiple types of creative, ultimately finding that static creative was its best performing. Using Snapchat’s vertical video editing tool, Snap Publisher, it was able to quickly and easily produce multiple ad variations for testing in order to keep creative fresh.

The Results

Cross-device measurement and custom audiences, thanks to the Snap Pixel, gave The Ridge the confidence it needed to scale its investment with Snapchat. These lookalike audiences cut CPA by 55%, allowing the company to achieve an overall CPA at least 20% lower than it was able to reach on other ad platforms.