Revenge of Sultan Game Increases Brand Awareness by 120% With New Snap AR Lens


higher ROI compared to other platforms’ recall of former players


higher brand awareness attributed to the use of AR Lens


higher ROI from branding and performance compared to other platforms

The Story
ONEMT, a global mobile game product development and distribution company, is known throughout the world for creating some of the best entertainment experiences for gamers. Offering only the most sophisticated products for a wide range of global users and representing more than 10 different languages, ONEMT is no stranger to popularity! Looking for a way to extend their user base, the brand decided to team up with Snapchat to launch a creative video ad format campaign that would tap into our unique, engaged community of Snapchatters in MENA for their “Revenge of the Sultan” game. 
The Solution
ONEMT decided to use a multi-product strategy that leveraged full-screen Snap Ads and Story Ads, as well as an AR Lens that combined reality and virtual game play, making for an immersive experience for defined app-install users on Snapchat. To connect on a more personal level with their target audience, ONEMT included elements evoking Ramadan in their ad formats and AR Lens, creating a festive atmosphere to attract Snapchatters and encourage users to download the app. Because the brand tested different creatives — including simple images, real-game screenshots, and cosplay videos — they found Snapchatters were most engaged with the Arabian elements within their video ads.
ONEMT decided to leverage goal-based bidding on app opens and app purchases, allowing the brand to successfully recall game-loving Snapchatters. 
The Result
The brand saw both a 150% lift in ROI from their Snapchat campaign, as well as a 74% ROI from branding and performance, as compared to other platforms. And, the interactive AR Lens proved to be a success, driving brand awareness by +120%.1 With these positive metrics, ONEMT is now investing in full funnel activity with Snap for performance and brand awareness throughout the year, rolling their experience out across new campaigns and new markets.
"Snapchat is one of our key user acquisition channels in MENA, and it helps us a lot in recalling churned users and inactive users. The Revenge of the Sultan achieved great results from both ROI and brand awareness! We are willing to test more products and creatives with Snapchat to drive sustainable user growth."
—Dicky Wang, Marketing Director, ONEMT

1 Client’s internal data from Adjust, January 1 - May 10 2022