Redbubble reaches new audiences and delivers efficient ROAS with Dynamic Ads


more efficient ROAS


higher swipe up rate

The Story

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, Redbubble was born out of a dream of giving independent artists a meaningful way to sell their creations. Fourteen years later, Redbubble is connecting over 800,000 artists and designers to the millions of people looking to engage with their content. On their platform, artists are able to open a Redbubble shop and upload designs that are then made into a range of 120+ products from face masks, stickers, t-shirts, to phone cases and more, available for purchase by shoppers around the world. Redbubble teamed up with Snapchat to efficiently expand their reach to untapped markets and targeted audiences that could not be found on other platforms.

The Solution: Dynamic Ads

Redbubble’s ultimate goal was to generate sales by attracting new users to interact with the brand. Redbubble was seeking a turnkey solution to creative fatigue. Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads were a scalable solution to Redbubble’s problems and allowed the Redbubble team to launch campaigns quickly and easily. The creative variety offered with Dynamic Ads proved to be important for the Gen Z audience Redbubble aimed to reach.  

Redbubble also took advantage of Snapchat’s Lifestyle Category audiences and optimization tools to reach the right audience effectively. Lifestyle categories such as Animal Lovers, Festival Goers, Foodies and International Travelers, were helpful tools in achieving Redbubble’s prospecting goals. Focusing their spend on high-potential customers enabled Redbubble to reach more Snapchatters while spending more efficiently.

The Results

Redbubble saw significant success using Dynamic Ads when used in addition to traditional Snap Ads across both their remarking and generation campaigns. For re-marketing in particular, introducing Dynamic Ads allowed Redbubble to drive a 14% more efficient ROAS1 and a 22% higher Swipe Up Rate1.

"We need an ad platform with robust testing capabilities to reach our target audience at scale and at target ROAS. Snapchat’s Dynamic Ads tool combined with Lifestyle Category audiences helped us achieve our goals.”
- Daphne Kotler, Director of Marketing, Redbubble

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1 Source Snap Inc. internal data August 1 - August 26, 2020.