Success Story
Success Story

Ralph Lauren combines AR Lenses and Snap Ads to drive +19% lift in sales on their website

24 seconds

Average Lens Playtime*


Lift in Sales on Website*

+7.3 points

Lift in Ad Awareness**

The Story

To engage Snapchatters in France in a meaningful way during the busy holiday season, Ralph Lauren leveraged Snapchat’s Ad Solutions to create an immersive gamified experience. Giving the endless runner game a clever AR twist, Ralph Lauren was able to showcase its brand and products inside the Snapchat Camera.

Snapchatters could play as the iconic Polo Bear chasing holiday gifts across different cities of the world, either in an endless runner game contained in a Snap Ad, or in a gamified AR Lens that could be launched from the Snapchat camera.

The Creative Solution: Combine AR Lenses with Snap Ads and Collection Ads

Ralph Lauren created a Face + World Lens with the iconic Polo Bear running into different cities. The Lens redirected Snapchatters to their web game which provided end-users direct access to their website and purchase clothes from their Holiday Collection.

This Lens experience was also pushed using the Snap Ads to AR format for Snapchatters to reengage with the AR experience and spend time with the brand.

Snapchatters could also play the side scrolling game in Snap Ads.

In parallel with The Holiday Run game Snap Ads, Ralph Lauren ran Collection Ads, offering an opportunity to drive traffic and sales of the Holiday Collection on their website.

The Results

The Ralph Lauren Holiday Run campaign combined impactful creative with smart media orchestration to drive both brand engagement and online sales.

Using Snapchat’s AR Lens format, Ralph Lauren created an brand experience that was both engaging and memorable for Snapchatters: users played with the Lens for 24 seconds on average, and demonstrated strong recall of being exposed to the campaign’s ads (+7.3 Ad Awareness**).
The campaign’s creative also had an impact on sales: users exposed to both the Lens and Snap Ads generated a 19% uplift in sales on Ralph Lauren’s website

*Source: Snap Inc. internal data, November 21, 2019 - December 31, 2019.

**Source : Snap Inc. brand lift survey of France Snapchat users ages 18+, November 20, 2019 - January 1, 2020. Exposed users were exposed to both the Lens and Snap Ads. Age and location data subject to restrictions. See here for details. Question: “Parmi les marques de vêtements suivantes, à propos desquelles as-tu vu quelque chose sur Snapchat au cours des 7 derniers jours ?”; 1,117 respondents (601 Control + 567 Exposed).