Success Story
Success Story

Quaker Oats drives efficient reach with Audience Filters


eCPM on College & Young Working Women


Earned impressions

The Story

In the summer of 2017, Quaker Oats launched a new product called Overnight Oats, that provided consumers with an easy and delightful way to meal prep for breakfast. Quaker Oats was looking for a creative and effective way to introduce Overnight Oats to a hyper targeted consumer. With the launch of Audience Filters, Snapchat was an obvious partner that could help Quake Oats deliver its message in a way that would resonate with its desired audience. 

The Solution: Audience Filters

Quaker Oats looked to drive awareness amongst a specific target audience with Audience Filters. Using Snapchat's Lifestyle Categories, it targeted College & Young Working Women, Female Fitness Buffs, Convenience Seekers and Working Moms. Quaker leveraged running Filters in an auction environment to rotate different creative between day and night. At night, it ran Filters that said "Meal Prepped and Ready" when the intended audience would be thinking about meal-prepping for the next day, then switched the creative in the morning with phrases like "Morning Hustle Made Easy" when they were getting ready to start their day. When Snapchatters saw the Filters, they could apply it to their Snaps and then send it to their friends. With relevant creative and smart targeting, Quaker was able to drive 11.4 million earned impressions for its Audience Filters. 

The Results 

Quaker Oats was first to market with Audience Filters, proving that Snapchat's brand new biddable product is a cost efficient way to reach your target audience. The Overnight Oats campaign was deemed a success with an eCPM of $2.50 and 11.4 million earned impressions.