Qasr Al-Awani Boost Sales with Snap Store


higher average order value from Native Store vs. paid media


product page views


website sales from organic activity

The Story

Catering to Customers on Snapchat: A byword for the culinary world in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qasr Al-Awani has carved a strong reputation for itself in its field. From kitchen utensils to electrical appliances, the business has catered to myriad customers in multiple cities since 1998.

Eager to continue engaging users and increasing sales – while providing a unique online shopping experience that positions the customer at the center of the process – the brand recently partnered with Snapchat.

The Solution

Introducing Snap Store as a New Shopping Destination: Opting for a multi-product mix, Qasr Al-Awani leveraged Snap’s Public Profile, Native Store and Product Tagging Tools, which allowed the business to organize its items by category and then link the store to its Public Profile. 

By tagging products in its Stories and posting multiple times a day, Qasr Al Awani made it easy for its followers to shop for items that interested them. Snapchatters would simply tap on the product stickers on the Story to access more information or browse Qasr Snapchat Store. Through the Snap Store Analytics, the business was able to monitor engagement, which helped inform its social media strategy.

Having successfully leveraged in-person showrooms in the past, the brand decided to put a Snapchat twist on the traditional showroom. Choosing not to use targeting tools, it relied instead on innovative videos to showcase the products in action – driving  considerable conversions in the process. Users were able to click on the tagged item which directed them to the native store before leading them to the website.

The Result

Multi-Product Mix is a Recipe for Success: From reach to conversion rates, this multi-product approach achieved significant results for the brand, including 30K Product page views over 28 days1, $11k+ website sales from organic activity over 28 days and a 31% Higher Average Order Value from Native Store compared to paid media campaigns.2

By creating a Native Store and leveraging Snapchat to post and tag in creative ways, Qasr Al-Awani drove incremental organic revenue, with Snapchatters viewing content for close to five minutes, on average.

"When we created our Store on Snapchat, we then linked it to the Public Profile. Thanks to this feature, we were able to increase sales using Snapchat. We made it easy for our customers who are on Snapchat to reach our product very quickly. Now we rely on it constantly.”

Sami Ibrahim Al- Saif, CEO

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of March 25 - April 21, 2022
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of March 25 - April 21, 2022