Success Story
Success Story

Pura Vida Bracelets achieves 22% lower CPA on Snapchat


lower cost per acquisition vs. average on other platforms


lower cost per swipe up vs. average cost per click on other platforms

The Story

Named for the Costa Rican philosophy meaning “pure life,” Pura Vida Bracelets sells unique jewelry from artisans all over the world. It offers both individual pieces and monthly subscriptions, and has donated more than $1.5 million to a range of global charities since its founding in 2010. Excited to introduce a new, measurable marketing channel to its media mix, Pura Vida partnered with digital marketing agency Sum Digital to leverage Snap Ads to drive sales at a targeted CPA.

The Solution

As a direct response advertiser, Pura Vida leveraged the Snap Pixel to track conversions. The Pixel has allowed it to capture latent purchases and sign-ups across devices and easily customize its view and click attribution windows to work with its measurement model. In addition to targeting lookalikes of its existing customers, Pura Vida also used Pixel Audiences to reach those who had previously visited its site. This retargeting strategy was key to driving a high number of Snapchatters to purchase. Pura Vida tested multiple creative iterations to promote both individual items and its jewelry subscription service. These ads brought the spirit of the brand to life with bright colors and playful backgrounds, while keeping the product front and center. Employing both a written and verbal CTA, the creative successfully drove Snapchatters to swipe up into Pura Vida’s mobile web store. By using a series of still images instead of full-production video ads, Pura Vida was able to quickly swap in new creative to keep its top snaps fresh and engaging.

The Results

On Snapchat, Pura Vida was not only able to reach a new audience, but it was able to see full-funnel results that it could not find elsewhere. Its cost per swipe was 55% lower and cost per acquisition was 22% lower than its average on other platforms. These strong results in its first month on Snapchat have compelled Pura Vida to grow its investment and increase Snap’s share of overall marketing budget.