Success Story
Success Story

Pura Vida drives efficient flash sale purchases with Snap and Story Ads


Higher ROAS
vs. normal campaign performance


Lower Cost per Purchase
vs. normal campaign performance


Lower Cost per Swipe Upvs normal campaign performance

The Story
Pura Vida places huge value on capturing a younger audience and Snapchat is the only paid media channel where they’ve seen great success at efficiently reaching gen z. Looking to build further on historical success, Pura Vida partnered with Snapchat to promote their $5 Friends and Family sale.
The Solution
To maximize ROI, Pura Vida prioritized reaching their top performing audiences — Lookalikes and Women 13+, which received both Snap Ads and Story Ads featuring a mix of product and lifestyle imagery. In addition, Snapchat Creative Tools were added to the static and video assets to make bespoke creative for the platform.
Snap Ads were leveraged for reach, driving a 22% more efficient CPM vs. Story Ads. Story Ads maximized campaign engagement, delivering a 40% higher frequency and 28% lower CPA. Compared to normal campaign performance, together these units drove the reach, engagement and conversion needed for a highly successful sale campaign.
1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of April 7 - April 10, 2020 vs February 12 - March 23, 2020. Addressable reach, location, and age data are subject to limitations. See for details.