How Pocket Gems is preparing for iOS 14

The Story

Pocket Gems, a leading game developer, has a portfolio of apps to consider when preparing for iOS 14 updates. To ensure preparation, Pocket Gems has doubled down on its test and learn approach on Snapchat. From in-depth conversations with their Mobile Measurement Partner, to considerable testing with SKAdNetwork, Pocket Gems is a great example for gaming advertisers. Some key takeaways include:

  • Test various App GBBs with SKAdNetwork including Install, App Sign Up, App Add To Cart, and App Purchase with earmarked budgets.

  • Map Conversion Values for SKAdNetwork to understand post-install conversions. Learn how here.

  • Pass all events to ad networks through MMP or App Ads Kit advertising SDK to ensure optimal performance. Reach out to your MMP to learn more about passing all events.

  • Review Ads Manager Reporting in addition to Mobile Measurement Partner dashboard to fully understand performance of opt-in and opt-out conversions from SKAdNetwork Ad Sets.

"Snapchat's iOS 14 guidance has been timely, comprehensive, and actionable. They rolled out various solutions including support for SKAdNetwork rapidly, and have ensured MMP integration throughout. This has allowed us to test early and often to set benchmarks and feel prepared. We see Snapchat as a leader when it comes to privacy, and they are a trusted core channel to grow and monetize with today and into the future."

— Matt Choi, Performance Marketing, Pocket Gems