Success Story
Success Story

PlayStation drove a 9 point lift in action intent with its God of War Audience Lens

+10 pt

Lift in brand awareness

+9 pt

Lift in brand favorability

+9 pt

Lift in action intent 

The Story

God of War is one of PlayStation's most successful franchises, thrilling gamers for over a decade. With a new PS4 release on the way, PlayStation was eager to introduce the series to the next generation of gamers while teasing new characters for longtime fans. Snapchat offered a more interactive, memorable way to drive awareness and brand favorability for the game than possible with traditional advertising. 

The Solution

An Audience Lens empowered PlayStation to have some fun with the God of War IP, while respecting the brand legacy that has mad it so popular with fans. Targeting male gamers 18+, the Lens left Snapchatters bearded and scarred like Kratos, the game's hero. It also unveiled a surprising new character in his son Atreus. It was the first time ever use of an Audience Lens for a gaming company and was next to impossible not to share. 

The Results

PlayStation hoped the Lens would deliver lift in brand awareness and brand favorability, but found even more encouraging results. In addition to driving gains of +10 and +9 in brand awareness and favorability, respectively, the Lens also led to a +9 point lift in action intent, which is 3x the US norm.