The Penny Hoarder saw 40% higher returns on Snapchat


Higher Returns Than Other Platforms


Increase in Revenue Driven by Snap Ads

The Story

The Penny Hoarder is one of the world’s largest websites dedicated to personal finance tips. Its fun, accessible content drives revenue through advertorial partnerships, offering the potential for profit margin on articles throughout the site. The publisher came to Snapchat with the goal of finding a new audience it couldn’t reach on other platforms and netting a positive return on ad spend.

The Solution: Snap Ads

The Penny Hoarder made full use of Snapchat’s full-screen mobile canvas to test different creative directions throughout the campaign. Many of the ads starred The Penny Hoarder’s employees, keeping the creative fun, fresh and attuned to the spirit of everyday Snaps. This approach helped it iterate and quickly learn how to appeal to a new audience. Empowered with new insight, The Penny Hoarder could rapidly optimize its campaigns for the best-performing ads and keep costs down.

The Results

The Penny Hoarder’s authentic creative and experimental mindset delivered exceptional results. In only two months-time, Snap Ads generated 40% higher returns than other platforms and drove a 51% increase in total revenue. Snapchat is now an essential part of the publisher’s marketing mix, helping business thrive and creating growth opportunity across multiple facets of the company. Fresh off the campaign’s success, The Penny Hoarder plans to continue increasing spend to make Snapchat its #1 marketing channel.