Snapchat comes in as the most cost-efficient channel in Peab’s SOME mix for Byggåret!

Lowest CPM (24kr) in the SoMe Mix.

Lowest cost per click in the SoMe Mix.

2.5x higher CTR than number 1 SoMe
platform (based on investment).

The Story

“Byggåret” is Peab’s initiative to recruit more women into the construction
industry. The construction industry in Sweden still suffers from major gender
distortion, with only 2% women working as craftsmen. Peab wants more
women to build and construct. That is why they are now launching a one-year
apprenticeship-program for women who want to try working in construction. As
an apprentice, you don’t need any prior knowledge or skills within the field and
will get a good salary from day one. Peab wants to take lead in building a
future with more women in construction.

Main KPIs:

1. To reach out to as many as possible in the primary target group (reach) to
make them aware of the "Year of Construction", “Byggåret”, but also to reach
out to the secondary target group decision-makers in the construction industry
to demonstrate the initiative.

2. To drive traffic to the campaign site “Byggåret” in order to create as large a
base as possible for applications/candidates.

The Solution

1. Snapchat was used to reach their core audience.

2. They used Snap Ads alongside age targeting and interest targeting to
create awareness in their core audience.

3. Later, when they concluded that they had reached out to a majority of
the primary target group, they re-targeted those who showed interest
with a different message.

The Results

1. In terms of cost, Snapchat has been the best performing digital
platform. We see the lowest CPM and CTR on Snapchat.

2. Even in terms of engagement in the form of Swipe Ups on the whole,
Snapchat delivered the best results. Above all, the retargeting
campaigns stand out with very high commitment.

"We are thrilled by the results Snapchat has shown as part of the campaign for
Byggåret. We are delighted with the level of engagement that our target group
has shown and especially that more women have now become aware of the
opportunities within the construction industry"

- Maria Wilund, Head of Public Relations, Peab