Parfums Christian Dior partners with Snapchat and presents its luxury boutique through the power of AR achieving impact across the funnel

Increase in Ad Awareness in KSA¹

Increase in Ad Awareness in UAE While Also Driving Conversions¹

Incremental Purchases in UAE²

Increase in Add to Carts in KSA²

Elevating Elegance and Consumer Experience 

Parfums Christian Dior is one of the most luxurious lines of perfumery and cosmetics in the world.

Parfums Christian Dior wanted to increase awareness and consideration of their skincare, fragrances and make up product ranges as well as target luxury and beauty consumers during Ramadan and Eid El Fitr.

Step into Parfums Christian Dior's AR Wonderland on Snapchat

To achieve these goals, Parfums Christian Dior partnered with Snapchat and harnessed the power of Snap’s AR Lenses and Ads.

Through Snap’s innovative technology and products such as AR Lens in Auction, Parfums Christian Dior brought their physical boutique to life in an augmented and immersive experience attracting consumers through a 360 AR Lens displaying the entire product range. 

From Awareness to Conversions: Parfums Christian Dior succeeds with Snap’s AR

Snap’s AR experiences have the ability to drive full funnel impact leading to great impact and successful results  

Thanks to the AR experience powered by Snap’s AR Lenses, Parfums Christian Dior was able to drive awareness during an extremely competitive period like Ramadan and Eid El Fitr achieving +9pt increase in Ad Awareness in KSA  and +10pt increase in Ad Awareness in UAE while also driving conversions and achieving +14% incremental purchases in UAE and +11% increase in Add to Carts in KSA.

Snapchat’s solution allowed us to bring the physical store experience to life in a virtual space in a way that was engaging and fun for consumers. They could try on make-up, discover skincare routines and discover our personalization services. The results of the campaign speak for themselves and show us that AR is the way forward, not only for upper funnel marketing, but for lower funnel too.

Claudia Raya-Garcia,  Senior Digital Marketing Executive,  Parfums Christian Dior 

In a realm where omnichannel reigns supreme, we successfully crafted an engrossing journey with Snapchat for Dior Parfums  by replicating the intimate boutique ambiance in the digital realm leveraging Augmented Reality. Equipped with an array of AR technologies, we empowered the audience to explore and experience the different beauty categories at their own convenience, enabling AR Try-Ons and effortless purchases.

Pauline Rady,  LVMH Business lead

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 144 Snapchat users Apr. 3 - May. 3, 2023. Control n= 57 exposed n=87
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