OTTO Insurance Uses Snapchat Ads to Extend Its Reach and Scale

New Signups
in 5 Months

Average Cost
Per Swipe Up

Reaching a Broader Audience with a Test-and-Learn Ad Strategy

Transitioning from a segment within Union Square Media to an independent entity in 2022, OTTO Insurance has made remarkable strides in the insurance industry. With its unique search platform, OTTO has successfully connected millions of high-intent customers with suitable insurance carriers, enabling more than 11 million people to realize significant savings on various insurance policies.

Yet, despite its impressive in-house media strategies generating over 80% of its traffic, OTTO knew there was a broader audience to reach. That’s why, after acknowledging the power of Snapchat in today’s digital landscape, the team implemented a test-and-learn ad strategy. This forward-thinking move not only amplified OTTO’s visibility but also enabled the delivery of personalized content tailored specifically to Snapchat — all while reducing advertising costs.

Increasing Online Conversions with Snapchat Ads

OTTO ran Snapchat Ads to increase online conversions through a series of campaigns that showcased how easy it is to get quotes and compare plans using the company's end-to-end platform. These ads were the foundation of the initial launch in January 2023, with variations still running today. Once OTTO found a winning approach, they would immediately start brainstorming different versions to optimize the conversion rate. The team’s rationale for ad design was to always keep the experience authentic to build trust and — ultimately — acquire new customers.

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75,000 New Signups (and Counting) through Snapchat Ads

In a span of five months, Snapchat ads helped OTTO Insurance gain 75,000 new signups through Snapchat ads. They initiated their first campaign to collect audience data and improve their creative and targeting methods for a competitive edge in the market. Through trial and error, OTTO identified the most influential parameters and creative that resonated well with their audience. As a result, they increased their conversion rates and achieved an average of 45 cents per swipe up, proving their approach to be highly successful. By harnessing Snapchat’s unique capabilities, OTTO has demonstrated its ability to be a leader not just in insurance, but also in effective, modern digital marketing.

Snapchat has been explosive for OTTO's direct response marketing efforts. We've been able to acquire quality customers at a very profitable margin which has cemented Snapchat into our acquisition strategy.

Phil Wheeker, Senior Media Buyer at OTTO