OTTO Combines Video and AR Ads to Drive Maximal Reach and Awareness for its “Heimnachten” Christmas Campaign


video completion rate on the Commercial Format


unique users


increase in Ad Awareness

The Story

Christmas 2020 was different from previous years. One of the biggest eCommerce players in Germany, OTTO, acknowledged this fact in a very smart and positive way. They celebrated “Heimnachten” - “HOME-mas”. Staying at home for that special time of the year with OTTO looked fun and cozy. For the much sought-after Christmas time OTTO wanted to showcase their broad offering of gift items and living accessories to a younger audience - while communicating the joy of staying at home. As part of the campaign the main objective was reach and awareness in a young demographic. OTTO was also keen on driving brand awareness, ad awareness, and brand association as part of this festive and positive campaign approach.

The Solution

In order to maximize reach within the targeted audience of 18-29 year old Snapchatters in Germany, OTTO and Snapchat identified that it would be best to leverage all Snapchat ad formats - so using both sides of the App: Camera and Content. OTTO therefore used a wide product mix of Snap Ads, Story Ads, Commercials and AR to maximize penetration.

For awareness OTTO used Face Lenses with different Christmas-themes and a “Heimnachten” branding to make this campaign motto top of mind. This easy and fun Lens was designed and optimised for share-ability. As a next step OTTO showcased via another AR Lens, that the best place to celebrate Christmas is at home - for this OTTO chose to turn the homes of Snapchatters magically into a snowball. A Lens that had a lot of engagement possibilities and was therefore optimised on playtime.

Multiple video ads executed as Snap Ads, Story Ads and Commercials showed various situations and moments of joy when celebrating Christmas at home - and all of these linked out to the OTTO shop, where gift ideas and home accessories could be bought to make Snapchatters’ homes a bit nicer for the holidays.  

Snap Ads and Story Ads were selected to ensure a high baseline reach, while Commercials were supposed to lead to high View-Through Rates and good Brand Lift results.

All video ads were customized for Snapchat to ensure optimal creative performance, which was key for the effectiveness and efficiency of the campaign.

The Results

OTTO reached 3.6M Unique Users¹ with its "Heimnachten" Campaign within its targeted audience. They could also achieve a 9ppt increase in Ad Awareness², 7ppt increase in Message Awareness², and 9ppt increase in Brand Imagery.²  

With a Video Completion Rate of 65%¹ for the Commercial format¹ and a Lens Share Rate of 1.5%¹ across the two AR Lenses the campaign was not only effective but also very efficient.

Overall OTTO was able to gain incremental awareness within the audience of 18-29 year olds in Germany and brought joy in this very special stay-at-home festive season.

1 ¹Data from Snap Ads Manager as of December 1st - December 26th, 2020
2 ²Kantar brand lift survey of 798 Snapchat users December 1st - December 26th, 2020. Control n= 383 exposed n=415