Orange Bank Generates Leads and Acquires New Users with Performance Campaigns on Snapchat


lower CPL compared to other social media campaigns


higher ROAS on Snapchat compared to other social media campaigns

The Story

Orange Bank operates in the financial services industry and offers a 100% mobile, simple, and innovative banking experience for its customers. To acquire new customers in France, Orange Bank and its agency Jellyfish partnered with Snapchat to reach the platform's unique audience, leveraging Snapchat's suite of performance advertising formats.

The Solution

To reach Snapchatters at scale and drive new users for Orange Bank, Jellyfish used Snap Ads, Snapchat's vertical video advertising format which is distributed in the Stories tab of the app, between User Stories, Snap Stars and Publisher Stories & Shows. Snap Ads take over the entire screen for a truly immersive mobile advertising experience, and can lead to an action like a website visit or signup.

To optimize the performance of the Snap Ads, Jellyfish used the Snap Pixel. This enabled the agency to monitor new user acquisition over a period of time, as well as expand the campaign to other audiences and target additional socio-demographics. Thanks to this strategy, Jellyfish was able to effectively leverage Snapchat for successful leads on the bank’s product offerings within their wider strategy.

The Result

The Snapchat campaign was a resounding success, and activation saw results grow progressively over the weeks. So much so that the campaign was extended. One thing to note: the cost per lead reached the target from the 2nd week. Further optimizations made it possible to reduce this indicator by 30% after the 3rd week of the campaign, demonstrating that Snapchat's ad formats deliver meaningful business results, and can be optimized to perform even better over time.1

“When we think of Snapchat, we think of teenagers. But this network also allows us to address young adults and families. The challenge for us was to identify the potential of this audience with a valuable lead generation objective. Our approach was pragmatic, as we tested everything that could be tested, whether it was targeting, messaging or the landing page. Thanks to this succession of tests and with a logic of continuous improvement, we were able to quickly and significantly optimize the cost per lead on the Snapchat campaign."

- Mirianna Babo, Digital Acquisition Manager, Orange Bank

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1 Source: Orange Bank