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The Story:

OGX® is a Johnson & Johnson Consumer owned hair care brand mostly known for their exotic varieties of shampoo and conditioner. During Ramadan of 2021, OGX® wanted to communicate to their audience in KSA and educate the product benefits in relevance to the moment.

The Solution:

OGX Partnered with Snapchat to engage with customers using a Video full-funnel
approach. OGX® leaned into Snapchat’s Video ad formats to focus on awareness and conversion goals. They used Commercials for awareness on the new products and collection Ads displaying their new range while driving traffic to their e-com partner called Al Nahdi, a pharmacy in KSA where the products were listed. Snapchatters had a seamless buying experience, allowing them to swipe up or tap directly to the product pages based on their favorite OGX® SKU.

The Results:

Snapchat has proven to be a tremendous growth channel as the results far exceeded OGX® expectations, the campaign managed to reach 1.9M2 Snapchatters as well as delivered +36%1 increase in sales which drove a $3.7 ROAS1.

“OGX® capitalized on a key moment in the region, Holy month of Ramadan. We tailored and optimized the message to focus on “Self care starts with OGX® hair” to deliver the best experience. Thanks to Snapchat’s popular platform and with the team’s help we delivered a smooth buying experience to the users that resulted into a 36% increase in sales, the biggest uplift from the campaign.”

-Mona Faris, Portfolio Manager at J&J Consumer Middle East

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1 J&J internal data, May 2021
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of April 20 - May 13, 2021