Oasis engages users and drives sales with an AR stand-up experience:

the 'Comedy Fruistival'.


people reached within 15–49 years old audience


lift on Purchase Intent amongst 15-17 yo exposed vs. non exposed


lift on small drinks sales representing 5x the growth of the overall small drinks category in this period

The Story

Oasis is a soft drink brand, distributed by Suntory, famous for its communication, involving funny animated fruits. Marcel agency came up with the idea of a comedy club where each fruit could appear and tell a joke. In collaboration with the French studio Busterwood, they leveraged the power of Augmented Reality by creating 10 interactive Lenses in order to put these fruits on stage and generate awareness and engagement, primarily among 15–49 year-old in France.

The Solution

The campaign, monitored by KR Wavemaker media agency, focused primarily on the capacity of Augmented Reality to provide a unique content experience for the user. The different skits were aimed at challenging Snapchatters not to laugh if they wanted to keep watching. Snapchat’s face tracking technology was able to detect the user’s reaction to continue or end the skit. The different Lenses were promoted using an A/B test within the carousel, but the brand also used complementary video formats (2 Snap Ads and 1 Commercials) to maximise redirection to the AR assets.

A 360° drink package amplified this activation with Snapcodes printed on cans and OOH.

The Result

This multi-format campaign bore fruit in terms of visibility as more than 5 million people were reached overall. 1 The 10 Lenses generated 255,853 earned impressions (i.e. 10% of the total impressions in the campaign) and have highlighted the impact of such engaging formats. The Brand Lift Study set up in parallel reinforces the impact of this media orchestration, with a lift of 13 pts on Ad Awareness and, most significantly, +14 pts lift in purchase intent among 15–17 year-old users exposed to the campaign. 2

The Commercials format itself saw an improvement on the previous results, generating +19 pts in Ad Awareness among 15–49 year-old. 2

"As the leading fruit drinks brand in France, Oasis has a track record of engaging with its consumers in a fun and interactive way thanks to its fruit characters, reaching them through innovative digital & IRL activations. Thanks to the Snapchat ecosystem and our talented partners, this fantastic 360° campaign was perfectly executed and delivered clear engagement results as well as strong business performance."

- Ghislain Caudrillier (Media, Digital and Influence Senior Manager, Suntory Beverage & Food France)

1 Snap Inc. internal data September 14 - October 4 2020
2 Kantar brand lift survey of 846 Snapchat French users. 15 September – 7 October 2020. Control n= 422 exposed n=424