Oakley Campaign Drives Ad Awareness and Engagement Thanks to a Multi-Format Approach

+3 pt

ad awareness


camera filter share rate


seconds of AR lens play time (on avg)


CPV commercials

The Story

The popular sunglasses brand, Oakley, partnered with Snapchat for its "Be Who You Are" campaign to reach enthusiasts of street sports in France. The aim of the campaign was to build awareness and drive engagement for this specific audience.

The Solution

Oakley leveraged a multi-format strategy to drive greater reach and a higher number of views. Through a combination of Commercials and Snap Ads, the Oakley family showcased a street sports collective based in Paris. They decided to take things even further and impact Snapchatters directly in their Snapchat Camera with an AR Lens built around the brand's hero products as well as a geo-targeted Filter in the Paris area. Every format was targeted toward a very specific audience of sports enthusiasts that Oakley was able to reach by leveraging Snapchat Lifestyle Categories.

The Result

The multi-format approach has proven successful and efficient in driving both ad awareness and brand favorability, with a three-point lift in both metrics. In terms of engagement, the Filter in particular delivered outstanding results, with a +11.6% share rate, and the AR Lens delivered +9 seconds of play time.2Additionally, the Commercials proved to be an efficient way to delivery the campaign message, with a €0.01 cost per view.2

“Snapchat has proven to be a strong partner for Oakley, delivering cohesive solutions within our budget parameters. The multi-format approach strengthened our cross-channel media and contributed to the overall campaign’s success. We look forward to continuing the partnership and building on today’s success.”
— Maggie Landon, Global Senior Media Manager, Luxottica

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of P16-35 French Snapchat users June 6–June 28, 2021. Control n= 478, exposed n=487.
2 Snap Inc. internal data June 6–June 28, 2021.