August 29, 2022
August 29, 2022

Nzoi Reaches its Highest ROAS Thanks to CAPI and Multi Product Approach With Snapchat


increase in ROAS

The Story

Nzoi is an online store based in Qatar, offering the latest home equipment in the Middle East. Whether you need a new BBQ for that family gathering, or fitness equipment to get back in shape, or some work from home necessities to get things done, you are guaranteed to find it on

Nzoi’s objective was to acquire a new audience, and re-engage with existing ones in order to deliver high sales throughout the year. To achieve that, Nzoi partnered with Snapchat to integrate Conversion API.

The Solution

Nzoi’s goal was to attract new customers and reconnect with its existing ones, therefore, it used a variety of products such as Snap Ads, Story Ads, and Dynamic Ads for Web in addition to Conversion API for Web. Using all these products helped Nzoi close the loop from Prospecting to Retargeting while capturing more signals coming from the CAPI server to server integration. 

The Result

Adopting CAPI while using Dynamic Ads for Prospecting and Retargeting with an amazing creative strategy results in reaching the right customer with the right creative at the right time. This has resulted in 62% increase in ROAS while covering all possible touch points in the purchase journey.1

“Using CAPI along with Dynamic Ads was extremely useful! it helped us achieve the highest ROAS!”

Zaina Al Akhras, NZOI Marketing Team

1 Data from Ads Manager Feb 15 - March 28, 2022