NYX Drives Offline Sales Impact via AR, Pushing Innovation via Play-to-Win Shopping Gamification


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higher iROAS than Snap/NCS beauty benchmark

The Story

After the success of NYX’s 2021 Spring Drop with Snapchat, which created an immersive, virtual store, NYX wanted to re-create an experience that brought VTO, AR immersion, gamification, and shopping together for their 2022 ‘Super’ Spring Drop. Knowing consumers were languishing after a full year of COVID, and inspired by the product line that featured innovative hydrating products infused with electrolytes, NYX partnered with Snapchat to bring to life a colorful and energetic experience — taking the day from “blah” to “boosted.” To drive awareness and ramp up excitement, the LA-based brand pulled visual inspiration from their hometown to reach Snapchatters everywhere for the ultimate super charged experience.   

The Solution

Consumers first experienced a VTO lens with a “tap to supercharge your look” CTA. After flipping through multiple hydro-looks, Snapcahtters flipped their camera to enter a gamified World AR Lens filled with bright colors, sun and palm trees, where users could play-to-win by collecting Spring products for points and unlocking a discount code. The campaign also included product-focused Snap Ads to ensure product awareness and education.  

The Result

NYX drove growth through a full funnel approach, resulting in a +7-point lift in brand and ad awareness, exceeding Snap norms by 2.5x and 1.3x, respectively. Favorability achieved a lift of +4 points, surpassing the Snap norm by a whopping 11x!1 Purchase intent drove a lift of +5 — 6.3x greater than the Snap norm.1 Lift success was driven primarily by the AR Lens, and the gamifying element proved a hit among Gen-Zennials. The campaign also drove significant Sales lift outperforming NCS Beauty & PC norms. The Snap Ads & AR Lens campaign drove a 4.2% increase in sales lift with an iROAS 1.6X higher than the Beauty norm.2 Further, NYX’s 2021 Sales lift performance outperformed the brand’s 2020 performance in nearly all sales lift metrics, and exposure to the AR Lens was responsible for the incremental lift in sales.

One thing’s for sure — AR has proven to give the best of both worlds in driving both massive lifts in awareness, as well as incremental sales impacts.

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1 Kantar (Millward Brown) Resonance Study
2 Nielsen (NCS) ROI Sales Lift Study