Nille Increases Halloween Sales with Total Takeover on Snapchat

Increase in Foot Traffic to Stores YoY

Increase in In-store Sales YoY

2.2 M
Unique Reach of Snapchatters

Swaying Halloween Shoppers

Halloween is an important shopping moment for the retailer Nille. A key part of their insight is that Halloween shoppers are largely disloyal when it comes to choosing where to buy Halloween decorations and costumes. Nille needed to proactively establish their stores as the preferred choice early in the purchase journey. They needed to be top of mind when people were ready to shop.

Using Snapchat Ad Products

Nille and their agency, Re:media, turned to Snapchat due to the high affinity of the audience and the potential for an extremely broad reach. By strategically implementing Snapchat's Total Takeover on key shopping dates before Halloween, Nille maximized both visibility and engagement at precisely the right time. The selected dates were strategically chosen based on historical data of top-selling dates in stores.

A Total Takeover on Snapchat comprises three products: First Story (reaching all Snapchatters who view a friend's story on a particular date), First Commercial (reaching all users who watch a show on a particular date), and First Lens (reaching all users who enter the lens carousel on a particular date).

Achieving Impressive Results

By positioning Nille as the go-to Halloween shopping destination with Total Takeovers at the most relevant moments, Nille achieved impressive results:

  • 4% increase in foot traffic to stores YoY

  • 12% increase in in-store sales YoY

  • Unique reach of 2.2 million Snapchatters (40% of the entire Norwegian population) with Total Takeover

These results underscore the effectiveness Snapchat has in driving concrete business outcomes for Nille.