Nille Drives Scarily Good Results For Halloween With AR


higher lift in Ad Awareness (+11 percentage points)


higher lift in Brand Favourability (+7 percentage points)


higher lift in Brand Association between Nille and Halloween (+5 percentage points)
The Story 
Nille is a Norwegian retailer for people that love life’s small and big moments. One of the key shopping moments during the year for Nille is Halloween where they sell everything from decorations to costumes. A pain point online for customers related to Halloween costumes can be that it’s hard to visualise how the different costumes actually look when you wear them. Enter AR-lenses from Snapchat.
The Solution:

Together with their agency Re:Media, Nille partnered up with Snapchat to develop a simple but effective catalog-powered shopping lens. The AR-lens was based on images of models wearing the different costumes. The models’ faces were digitally replaced with the faces of the users of the lens. That way users were able to “try-on” the costumes and get a much better feel for how the product looks when wearing it. A simple and elegant way to build AR-lenses while keeping production costs at a minimum. Users were able to swipe between the different costumes and press the product card to check out there and then via Nille’s website. The lens ran in tandem with Collection Ads, Snap Ads and Story ads to ensure that they were able to reach the right person, at the right time with the right message. This multi-format approach produced impressive results for Nille.

The Result:
+90% higher lift in Ad Awareness (+11 percentage points)
 +12% higher lift in Brand Association, between Nille and Halloween (+5 percentage points)
 +14%higher lift in Brand Favorability (+7 percentage points)
For a playful occasion like Halloween it was fun to test out the different functionalities and formats that Snapchat has to offer! It is clear to us that combining several formats spearheaded by a fun and engaging AR-lens creates solid results. We were able to showcase our products in a format that really engaged and resonated with the target audience. Not only did it lead to purchases both online and in store, but it also lifted people’s attitudes positively about Nille overall