NIKIN achieves 30% higher ROAS on Snapchat using AR Lenses


lower CPM vs other platforms


higher ROAS vs other platforms

The Story

NIKIN is a Swiss clothing brand founded in 2016 with a mission to show the world that it does not take much to live more ecologically. They advocate fair and sustainable fashion as well as invest in tree planting programs across the world to help counteract global deforestation. With the objective to scale their business and inspire people to shop more sustainably, NIKIN teamed up with Snapchat to engage a new audience that could not be found on other platforms.

The Solution

By partnering with Snap, NIKIN identified that AR technology would be an exciting way to attract new users to engage with their brand and drive conversions. They experimented with National and Bidded Lenses, using Location Targeting to reach users between the ages of 13-50 in Germany and Switzerland. 

In collaboration with Snapchat, NIKIN created an AR Lens that gave Snapchatters the opportunity to ‘try on’ some of their most popular items and share these moments with their close family and friends. If they liked what they saw whilst playing with the Lens, users could swipe up directly to the NIKIN website to make a purchase. Over the Christmas period they added a festive touch to the AR experience by giving users the option to dress up in a Santa outfit, resulting in an increase in playtime and engagement. As well as driving brand awareness amongst their target audience, the user generated content produced by Snapchatters using the AR lens was also an effective way to introduce NIKIN to a wider, untapped audience. 

The Results

Snapchat was an effective marketing partner for NIKIN on this campaign, with the Lens format proving to be an efficient way to drive sales and branding simultaneously. The use of AR, which they were unable to leverage on other platforms, provided NIKIN the unique opportunity to engage with new and existing customers whilst generating positive ROAS. 1 

"We were absolutely thrilled when we saw the results of our first lens campaign!
We couldn’t believe how well it worked, how many sales it generated, how much branding it did for us and how many customers sent us videos of them using our lens.”

Nicholas Hänny, Co-founder & CEO at NIKIN
Johannes Linnig, Sales Lead at NIKIN

1 NIKIN Internal Data, 2021