New Balance Wins the Holiday Season With Snapchat’s AR-powered Gifting Concierge

The New Balance Gifting Concierge Lens generated playtime
the US average during the highly competitive Holiday market¹
5.8 M
Snapchatters got personalized
gift recommendations using the
New Balance Gifting Concierge Lens¹
The Story
From planning parties to shopping for gifts, every year, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season brings a flurry of activity — and while this time of year is tons of fun, it brings a certain level of stress, too. The same goes for brands! Hoping to stand out from the endless holiday content while raising awareness, engagement, and reach, footwear and apparel brand New Balance — in partnership with their global Media Agency, Mediahub — turned to Snapchat to offer their customers an entertaining, immersive, and ultimately useful experience to guide their gifting. 

The Solution
New Balance decided to take advantage of Snapchat’s first-ever Gifting Concierge Lens, becoming the first brand to join the new holiday program. Through the Lens — which uses Voice ML technology — Snapchatters were guided through a personalized shopping experience to help them find a curated selection of the perfect gifts for their friends and family… and even themselves! Mediahub’s strategy for New Balance also leveraged a mix of additional Snapchat ad products, including static and video Snapchat Ads, and Dynamic Ads, helping further reach their marketing objectives. Finally, by using a combination of bidding strategies across activations, the brand ensured they made the most of their holiday campaign.  

The Results
By using a robust, multi-product advertising strategy, the brand garnered substantial reach while supporting lower-funnel goals with efficient, dynamic ad formats, ultimately driving sales and brand awareness. And as an exclusive launch partner of the Gifting Concierge program, New Balance achieved stellar results with their AR Lens specifically! The brand saw 5.8M Snapchatters get personalized gift recommendations using the brand’s Gifting Concierge¹ and generated a playtime 2.5x the US average for the holidays.¹ Younger Snapchatters in particular were super receptive to using Voice ML technology to make their purchase decisions — in fact, the Gen Z audience generated a ROAS 2.7x higher than the campaign average.² Additionally, New Balance received tons of incredible coverage from renowned media outlets, proving that for these major moments, tapping into innovative, new ways of shopping, sharing, and celebrating is the way to win the season.
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1 Snap Inc. internal data Nov. 18 - Dec. 31, 2022
2 Snap Inc. internal data Nov. 18 - Jan 1, 2023, New Balance Gifting Concierge Lens Performance compared to US Lens Average