Success Story
Success Story

Neutrogena saw a 5 point lift in action intent for its Light Therapy Mask with Snapchat


Lens plays

+40 pt

Lift in ad awareness  

+21 pt

Lift in brand awareness

The Story

Neutrogena created a Light Therapy Acne Mask that brings the dermatologist office to your beauty cabinet. The beauty brand wanted an approachable way to show how the clinical LED technology clears acne and combats the causes of breakouts to keep skin healthy. To raise awareness and boost sales among Canadian females 13-24, Neutrogena wanted to tap Snapchat’s interactive ad experiences to let young beauty fans try before they buy.

The Solution

Neutrogena kicked off the campaign with a Snap Ad that showed off the Light Therapy Acne Mask in action. In addition to following the creative best practice of showing the brand in the first frame, the Snap Ad also featured actress Olivia Holt speaking directly to the camera while using the product. To give Snapchatters an even clearer picture of how the mask works, the ad swiped up to a long-form video of Olivia giving a tutorial. Neutrogena wanted to bring the campaign to Snapchat because it has an especially engaged audience in its desired demo, which the brand was able to specifically reach using Snap Ads targeting.

The Solution: Lens

A selfie Lens was a natural fit for Neutrogena’s goal: to let Snapchatters virtually try on the Light Therapy Acne Mask in a fun and interactive way. The Lens not only offered the type of in-person demo previously only available at a beauty counter, but also allowed Snapchatters to endorse the brand to their friends while learning about it. Neutrogena’s use of creative best practices like using Beautification and triggers in the Lens led to success — it exceeded the play estimation of 1.13-1.88M and was used 2.2M times. Snapchatters spent an average of 16 seconds using the Lens, which totaled 400 days of overall playtime. Of those who used the Lens, 51% were in Neutrogena’s target demo.

The Results

Neutrogena succeeded in introducing the new product to its desired audience. The use of creative best practices combined with audience targeting worked, as the brand saw a +40 pt lift in ad awareness and a +5 pt lift in action intent. In addition, Neutrogena also saw a +21 pt lift in brand awareness and a +9 pt lift in brand favorability.