Success Story
Success Story

Nanobit sees 50% lower CPI when acquiring users from Snapchat campaign


of overall users driven from Snapchat


lower CPI vs other platforms

The Story

Nanobit is a tech company specializing in developing and delivering mobile games internationally. Within their portfolio, My Story is a game where players make their own choices to pen the stories of their own lives. Hollywood Story is a game that allows you to live your life as a Hollywood starlet, making decisions that affect your career. In an effort to promote their simulation game offerings, Nanobit partnered with Snapchat to grow awareness of their gaming apps while scalably acquiring new users on a mobile-first platform.

The Solution: Story Ads + Snap Ads

With a goal of acquiring new and quality users, Nanobit used Snap Ads and Story Ads to efficiently broaden their reach and create awareness of their gaming apps. By introducing their brands to Snapchatters in the native Story Ad environment, Nanobit was able to show how much fun Snapchatters could have by downloading and playing the game and direct Snapchatters to download the game with a simple swipe up. These ad formats also gave Nanobit a ton of opportunity to introduce their message to a highly engaged audience that was primed for action. Nanobit also took advantage of Snapchat’s targeting capabilities and implemented the following Snapchat Lifestyle Categories: Celebrity News Watchers,Bookworms and Avid Readers, to reach Snapchatters who would most likely swipe up to download.

Nanobit also tested several creative iterations to learn what resonated best with their audience. They learned to keep their videos short and to constantly refresh their ads to avoid creative exhaustion. They also learned to layer their videos with a logo, CTA and attention-grabbing headline within the first seconds, to spark Snapchatters’ interest as early as possible.

The Result

Ultimately the campaign efficiently allowed Nanobit to gain quality users to download their games. They saw a 50% lower CPI versus other platforms and have gained the creative insight to produce highly engaging Snapchat ads for their audience. Snapchat has been a major aide in discovering new users, driving 35% of their new user base.