MuCharm Saw Higher User Engagement in MENA with Snapchat’s Public Profiles


user growth of Public Profiles month by month


seconds of average view time for Public Profiles


lower CPI compared to other platforms

The Story

Mucharm is a well known China-based eCommerce platform that provides a wide selection of household products in the Middle East region. To increase Gen Z and Millennial traffic and brand image awareness, they decided to test Snap Ads and Public Profiles. 

The Solution

MuCharm worked with Baidu MediaGo, a digital marketing agency, to launch Snap Ads, Story Ads and Collection Ads with full-screen engaging videos. By testing different video content, such as product tutorial and customer try-on videos, MuCharm discovered which categories and creatives performed best. Additionally, they scaled up their campaigns with a goal-based bidding strategy allowing them to obtain the most purchases, given their budget and target audience.

At the same time, MuCharm launched their Public Profile in efforts to increase engagement with potential consumers. To showcase their brand, the content in their Public Profile focused on new product trailers, try-on videos and fun brand lenses. With consistent updates through highlights, public stories and real-time engagement with subscribers, their Public Profile experienced rapid monthly user growth and an increase in viewership.

Additionally, MuCharm created a Place Listing on Snap Map and developed Spotlights in efforts to increase exposure with real videos and images in Saudi Arabia. These two strategies were effective in encouraging users to download the app and contributed towards an increase in purchases. 

The Results

The results exceeded MuCharm’s expectations. Their Public Profile subscribers grew at a 67% growth rate of subscribers month over month, and a 22% growth rate of page views each week.1 For ad performance results, the add to cart (ATC) rate was 44% higher than other platforms, the cost per purchase (CPP) was reduced by 60% and the ROAS on Snapchat increased by 1.5X.1

"Camera is the soul of Snapchat. It captured all the real moments, gained inspiration, and carved the creative nature for the brand. The technology of AR Lenses created strong emotional communication and interaction between users and brands, which helped to bring an over 10X ROI for the MuCharm brand."

- Jialei Tian, Chief Operating Officer, MuCharm

1 Appsflyer Internal Data July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021