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Success Story

Motorola Finds Success with Snap Ads and Story Ads

  • +4pts

    Product Awareness

  • +8pts

    Ad Awareness

  • +9pts

    Ad Awareness When Exposed to Multiple Products

  • +3pts

    Consideration Intent

The Story

Motorola came to Snapchat with the goal of increasing Awareness and Consideration for the newest addition to their moto g7 series smartphones, the moto g7 power. With an impressive battery that can last up to 3 days without charging, they needed a way to educate their audience about this unique feature.

The Solution

By deploying a well-diversified mix of Snap Ads with strong branding paired with Story Ads that show exactly how consumers can benefit from the long-lasting battery life, Motorola hoped to find success as measured by Kantar. Promoted assets followed creative best practices and prominently showcased the device. The Snap Ads bid on swipes and Story Ads bid on opens.