Mondelez: Looking Through the Lens of ROI Impact for CPG


ad awareness lift vs 1.0% snap ads


ad awareness lift vs 0% snap ads


ROI lift Nielsen MMM


ad awareness vs 2.4% snap ads only


brand favourability vs 1.3% snap ads only


ROI lift Nielsen MMM

The Story

From Sep to Jan ‘21 Wavemaker, Kantar and Snap partnered on a learning agenda including 4 separate A/B tests leveraging Snap’s experimental framework. This framework allowed for 2 separate and mutually exclusive audience groups - each separated into control and exposed cohorts with one audience exposed to the test variable.

The Solution

Hypothesis for the tests were created using reach, frequency, ad product type and creative as the variables under test conditions. The objective was to uncover the most cost efficient campaign set up in relation to ROI as measured by Media Mix Modelling.

By testing multiple variables we were able to isolate those that impacted lift and ROI from those that did not. In particular we found that a multi product strategy leveraging AR Lens drove brand lift deltas as well as ROI for Mondelez.

As well as AR Lens we also put Snap’s non skippable video format to the test comparing Snap ads to Snap ads and Commercials.

Partnering with KANTAR we used segmentation to measure the brand lift impact for category and product consumption per week. As well as impacting overall ad awareness lift, using commercials with snap ads broke through to people who purchase each week as well as delivering the sweet spot for ROI impact.   

The Result

From our learning agenda process we’ve determined the impact of multi product strategies impacting ROI particularly for seasonal buying moments as well as the cost effectiveness of Snap ads for always on campaigns at other times.

"Driving digital effectiveness is critical for our ROI growth ambition and working with Snapchat to uncover and prove the value of the variables within our media buying, format mix and creative optimisation has helped us to continue to fuel our ambition."

- Tom Slade, Global Head of Direct to Consumer Ecommerce (Toblerone)
Mondelez International

1 AA topline
2 AA Snapchatters Consume Picnic weekly
3 Nielsen MMM
4 AA Topline
5 BF Topline
6 Nielsen MMM