Ramadan Success on Snapchat


higher Conversion Rate during Ramadan


reach across MENA


increase in Purchase Value during Ramadan

The Story

Born of a desire to meet the sartorial needs of Muslim women, Kerim Ture launched Modanisa in 2011. Established in Istanbul, Modanisa has become the world’s largest modest fashion online retailer. It provides a platform for modest fashion brands and designers to promote their collections to Muslim women around the world.

As part of its Ramadan promotion, Modanisa targeted Gen Z and millennial audiences, with specific focus on Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States.

By partnering with Snapchat, Modanisa aimed to showcase its new collection and lay the foundations for expansion in the west. 

The Solution: Multi-Country Targeting + App Purchase GBB

As part of their Ramadan strategy, Modanisa utilised multi-country targeting in conjunction with Snapchat’s user acquisition and re-engagement solutions.

Whilst targeting Muslim women specifically has proven challenging on other platforms, Snapchat’s algorithms were able to optimize towards their audience in western markets. Through a combination of broad targeting using Snap Ads and Story Ads, Modanisa was able to maintain unprecedented ROAS and ROI at scale, during one of the most competitive periods of the year.

The Result

Modanisa’s global targeting strategy on Snapchat has delivered compelling results. Not only did the campaign get their products in front of their target audience at the right time, it reached 1.28M Unique Snapchatters across MENA. When compared to previous months, this represents an increase in Purchase Value of 45.77% and an increase in Conversion Rate of 26%. 1

"Snapchat is a great channel to target Gen Z. In our case the most important objective was to increase reach and engagement among younger demographics. In order to achieve this we expanded our engagement and install campaigns with broad targeting, multi-country targeting and App Purchase GBB."

- Yılmaz Durkut, Marketing Manager

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1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of March 1 - May 12, 2021