Success Story
Success Story

Mirinda reconnects with Saudi millennials with the launch of a new flavor on Snapchat

+16 pp

lift in ad recall

+22 pp

lift in message awareness

The Story

Mirinda has a huge affinity in Saudi Arabia - especially the Lemon flavor. They didn’t want to cannibalise sales, but instead, conquest new, younger drinkers from the competition. They decided to partner with Snapchat to capture the imagination of this generation, not only through clever vertical video creative, but a fun and entertaining Lens experience that perfectly complimented the rest of the campaign.

The Solution: Reach & Frequency Lens and Commercials

Mirinda deployed the region’s first Sponsored “Soundboard” Augmented Reality Lens, via reach & frequency across KSA. The brand also capitalized on Commercials (Snapchat’s only non- skippable video ad format) that run between Shows & Games in KSA, where there has been tremendous growth in time spent since January, to further promote the launch and establishing the new flavor variant.

The Results

Combining video and camera formats, helped Mirinda generate a remarkable amount of active engagement and time with the brand, but also, it delivered against the key campaign KPIs of Message Awareness amongst their hard-to-reach, and even harder-to-impress target audience.

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