Mikyboyz’s Snap Ads Drive 129% on ROAS with Male Consumers in the US


decrease in CPM compared to other platforms


decrease in CPC compared to other platforms


increase in ROAS compared to other platforms

The Story

Online Chinese marketplace Mikyboyz offers a vast collection of sportswear, punk garments and street fashion to today’s generation of style-conscious individuals. Eager to increase brand awareness and boost sales overseas, Mikyboyz collaborated with Snapchat to find creative ways to target male Gen-Z consumers in the United States.

The Solution

Snapchat’s unique user base is active and loves sharing content, which is why Mikyboyz leveraged Snap Ads in its marketing campaign to drive impressions, website traffic and product purchases. The Snap Ads displayed multiple try-on photographs, showcasing various colors, patterns and styles of their best-selling products. 

From the user perspective, Snap Ads were the ideal fit for Mikyboyz’s advertising objectives to showcase their clothing while making the most out of their content with full-screen ads. Moreover, with a focus on reaching a new audience, Mikyboyz used Goal Based Bidding to drive CPP and optimize performance throughout their campaign efficiently.

The Result

The Snap Ads exceeded Mikyboyz’s expectations with valuable results. This strategy not only drove a 129% higher ROAS but also a 75% decrease in CPM and a 69% decrease in CPC compared to other platforms1. Based on these results, Mikyboyz decided to increase their investment with Snap Ads and is also interested in exploring a more multi-formatted approach with Snapchat in the near future.

“We are very pleased with the results that we have been achieving with Snapchat advertising so far, and are willing to increase our advertising spend to try more ads formats”

- Delia, Overseas Market Director, Mikyboyz

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