Success Story
Success Story

MeUndies increases customer acquisition using Snapchat Story Ads


Lower CPM on Snapchat compared to other platforms


ROAS increase on Prospecting compared to previous month


ROAS increase on Remarketing compared to the previous month

The Story

MeUndies is on a mission to create the ultimate feel-good underwear. The company centers itself around creating a platform for self-expression through their values of individuality, community and diversity via their bright, conversational prints and bold, irreverent brand. They source sustainable fabric, frequently release new designs, and contribute to various non-profit organizations around the United States. With a main goal of acquiring new customers, MeUndies partnered with Snapchat through their agency adMixt, for an efficient way to prospect new audiences that couldn’t be found on other platforms.

The Solution: Story Ads

MeUndies found great success by implementing Story Ads. Story Ads allowed MeUndies to efficiently broaden their reach and share their overall brand message instead of transactional copy. By introducing their brand to users in a native Story Ad environment, MeUndies was able to build a brand story and show the breadth of their product offering while engaging users who show higher intent. The increased Snapchat opportunity presented itself when MeUndies began to use goal-based bidding for purchases as an optimization tactic for prospecting new customers. This allowed MeUndies to remain efficient and invest their spend strategically, ultimately yielding them the strongest performing results.

In order to drive consideration at scale, MeUndies leveraged the Snap Pixel to develop lookalike audiences based off of previous purchasers and build an audience based off of their customer lists. While the Pixel also allowed MeUndies to seamlessly retarget those who had previously purchased from its site, the new bid optimization powered especially impressive performance gains across MeUndies’ prospecting campaigns aimed at net new customers. MeUndies complemented this reach tactic by re-engaging with Snapchatters who exhibited high intent to make a purchase.

MeUndies learned that while producing a variety of evergreen creative for their always-on campaigns, specific targeting during the holiday season increased engagement for their brand. Story Ads gave MeUndies the opportunity to diversify their storytelling by providing multiple windows to communicate their overall brand message.

The Result

Ultimately, Snapchat was a driver in acquiring new customers for MeUndies throughout the holiday season. Taking advantage of Snapchat’s optimization tools allowed the company to scale their reach and build an audience of Snapchatters to retarget that couldn’t be found on other platforms.

1 MeUndies internal data