MESHKI Raises The Social Bar with Snapchat's Latest Performance Upgrade


 Increase in sessions1


Cost per session improved YOY2


Reactivation saw over 100% improvement across revenue, transactions & conversion rates3

Brand Story:

MESHKI, a global success story that was founded in Australia just 10 years ago, is renowned for weaving a sense of confidence and empowerment into every stitch. Having established itself as a leading brand for Millennial women, MESHKI set its sights on Gen Z, enlisting Snapchat to not only amplify conversions but reinforce the brand as a go-to destination for affordable luxe fashion.

The Challenge:

MESHKI faced the challenge of driving more conversions and achieving consistent performance across its target audience on Snapchat. The brand had already established a strong presence on various platforms, but they wanted to capitalize on Snapchat's potential to reach their desired customer base effectively.

The Solution:

To address the challenge, MESHKI, in partnership with their core digital agency Firebrand Digital, decided to leverage Snapchat's newly developed 7-day optimization window feature. By implementing this optimization window, the brand aimed to achieve more consistent performance at a last-click conversion level.

The campaign setup on Snapchat was kept relatively simple and supported by Snap webview ads. This approach allowed MESHKI to showcase its pieces directly to its target audience within the Snapchat platform.

The Results:

The collaboration between MESHKI and Snapchat yielded outstanding results, demonstrating the platform's ability to drive meaningful engagement and conversions.

695% increase in sessions: a significantly higher number of sessions, indicating a notable increase in audience engagement with MESHKI’s content and products.

Cost per session improved YOY -54%: a remarkable reduction in the cost per session, demonstrating a more efficient allocation of their advertising budget.

Reactivation saw over 100% improvement across revenue, transactions & conversion rates: MESHKI successfully reactivated previous customers and attracted new ones, leading to impressive improvements in key performance metrics such as revenue, transactions, and conversion rates.


Snapchat's latest performance update proved to be a gamechanger for MESHKI. With the 7-day optimisation window and Snap webview ads, elevating performance to a level previously not experienced by the brand on other platforms.

The campaign's success, with its substantial increase in sessions and impressive improvements in cost efficiency and reactivation metrics, further solidified Snapchat's position as an essential platform for MESHKI’s marketing efforts. The collaboration not only enhanced the brand's reach among the Gen Z and Millennial audience but also showcased the power of strategic marketing partnerships in achieving remarkable business outcomes.

1 Data from Google Analytics Q2 2022 vs Q2 2023
2 Data from Google Analytics Q2 2022 vs Q2 2023
3 Data from Google Analytics Q2 2022 vs Q2 2023