Total Success for McDonald’s with Total Takeover on Snapchat

+8 pt

Ad Awareness via Lens


Message Awareness via Lens


Action Intent via Lens

The Story

Friends have been feasting on McDonald’s together for decades. Sharing the experience has always been a given – sharing the McNuggets, however, has not. Testing this uncomfortable truth in honour of the Chicken McNugget’s 40th birthday, McDonald’s became one of the first brands in the UK to run the Total Takeover on Snapchat. 

The Solution 

Using a multi-product approach for its #McNuggetWorthy campaign, the global chain sought to drive awareness and consideration among customers in the UK aged 18 and over. Over the course of four weeks, McDonald’s lighthearted campaign tapped into the cold hard fact that even the closest of friends are reluctant to part with their McNuggets.
Further to launching Total Takeover placements to ensure maximum reach and awareness, the chain used Augmented Reality to test its #McNuggetWorthy theory. Putting pals under (a little!) pressure with a friendship-focused test powered by AR, Snapchatters assessed whether their nearest and dearest were worthy of their McNugget, using the McNuggetWorthy Scale to analyse performances.

The Result

McDonald’s fun and engaging collaboration with Snapchat was a clear success, with each format driving lifts in brand metrics and overall performance.

Commercials drove a +10 point lift in Ad Awareness and a +6 point shift in Message Awareness. Meanwhile, the Lens played a key role in full-funnel activity, generating a +8 point shift in Ad Awareness , +3 point shift in Message Awareness and +4 point shift in Action Intent.

Partnering with Snapchat allowed us to bring the concept of #McNuggetWorthy to life in a fun and interactive way at the same time as driving brand love and intent.

Josie Thompson-Green, Brand Manager, McDonald’s UK