McDonald’s Successfully Brings Monopoly to Life with Snap AR Lens

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McDonald’s Promotes Monopoly with AR

Appetite for the nation’s favourite annual promotion certainly hasn’t waned – and it’s something McDonald’s recently satisfied with Snapchat’s help. Monopoly at McDonald’s gives customers the chance to win big while driving brand consideration and app use – an annual opportunity it was eager to promote.
McDonald’s aim was to drive awareness and consideration among customers aged 18+ in the UK. More specifically, they wanted to generate an increase in app usage, drive engagement through AR and track in-restaurant interactivity. 

Using a Multi-product Approach on Snapchat

Opting for a multi-product approach, McDonald’s used First Commercials, First Lens, Auction Lens, Snap Ads and Story Ads in its campaign. Combining First Lens and First Commercials allowed the brand to launch the campaign with maximum reach and awareness, while driving engagement through its AR Lens. The Lens allowed users to engage directly with Monopoly Double Peel, by creating an AR experience they could ‘peel back’ to reveal what was up for grabs – mimicking the real-life peel back mechanism. 
Snap Ads and Story Ads acted as a cost-efficient reminder of this AR feature, while trayliners bearing Snapcodes encouraged in-restaurant engagement with Monopoly and the McDonald’s app. Overall, each asset encouraged users to download the McDonald’s app to play the Monopoly game. 

A 6-week Campaign That Lifts Ad Awareness and Brand Association

The Lens played a significant role in the success of McDonald’s six-week campaign. The brand saw a 14-point lift in Ad Awareness and a 4-point lift in Brand Association with the Lens format, while its decision to include First Lens and First Commercial on its launch day contributed to lifts above expected norms.¹ For its next Monopoly campaign, McDonald’s plans to incorporate more ad variants, with focus on the creation of more succinct content for Snap Ads.

Snapchat AR helped us bring the McDonald’s Monopoly Double Peel to life. By including Snapcodes on trayliners and across Snap Ad formats, we were able to create an immersive Monopoly experience in real life and online leveraging a multi product approach leveraging all of Snap’s immersive formats to launch and sustain the campaign.

Emma O’Neill, Senior Brand Manager, McDonald’s UK

1 Snap Internal Data, 2022.