McDonald’s Uses Snapchat To Revolutionise The Launch of its Iconic Coca-Cola Glasses


million users reached among 15-34 years old


million completed views using Commercial video format


increase in brand appreciation


increase in likelihood to recommend

The Story

In a campaign that was eagerly awaited by collectors, McDonald’s France launched a new collection of its iconic Coca-Cola glasses in summer 2022. The brand chose Snapchat to raise the event’s profile and create buzz among 15-34 year olds using Snap's augmented reality solutions.

The Solution

To drive massive awareness and engagement, McDonald's combined an AR Lens and Commercials, in partnership with their media agency Starcom (Publicis). The Lens was added to the Snapchat carousel for specific targets and featured on McDonald’s public profile. Snapchatters who scanned their Coca-Cola glasses were treated to 5 unique experiences, as they were taken to universes designed by creative agency DDB and AR partner Busterwood, each of which featured a different soundtrack and vibe based on the colour of the glass. Those who wanted to, could prolong the experience by heading over to a specially curated Spotify playlist. The challenges presented by the campaign were addressed through a collaboration with Snapchat partner Busterwood, which developed the glass recognition technology for the event.

The Results

McDonald’s capitalised on Snapchat’s audience throughout this multi-format campaign and reached 4.9 million unique users.1 Allying the massive usage of Snap’s camera and the massive reach within content enabled McDonald’s to reach a 87% unduplicated audience.2 The campaign resulted in a five-point increase in brand appreciation and a seven-point increase in likelihood to recommend the operation.3

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