McDonald’s Drives 92% Incremental Reach for McHappy Day


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Boosting McHappy Day

McDonald’s was looking for a way to innovate and promote McHappy Day - which is their largest annual fundraiser, for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). Each year, the fundraiser sees McDonald's restaurants across Australia host McHappy Day, which aims to assist RMHCs to support more families with seriously ill children.

Driving Awareness to Encourage Action

Snapchat partnered with McDonald’s who adopted a 1st Lens & 1st Commercial takeover for the McHappy Day campaign. The objective was to drive awareness across McHappy Day to encourage donations, and for people to go into McDonald’s to support their purchases.

Snapchat wanted to ensure Snapchatters knew about McHappy Day, and be able to swipe up to donate via the lens and obtain more information of their donation journey. Both takeover products were effectively ran to ensure there was mass awareness across the day.

First Lens and First Commercial Takeovers = Yum!

The combination of First Lens and First Commercial takeovers was effective in allowing McDonald's to maximise reach across Snapchat with 92% unduplicated reach¹. The combination of using First Lens and First Commercials allowed McDonalds to reach a 1/3 of their total campaign audience in a single day², with an average 1st Lens share rate of 3.34%³.

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