mBank Achieves Significant Lift with Snapchat Ads and AR

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mBank Connects with Gen Z

To effectively engage with the vibrant Gen Z demographic, mBank, one of the innovative banks in Czech Republic and Slovakia, recognized the necessity of adopting a creative and relatable approach. In an era where young people crave connection and authenticity, they embraced the opportunity to connect with their audience through Snapchat, a platform renowned for its unique ability to engage Gen Z in a meaningful way. By leveraging Snap Ads and AR Lenses, mBank created an immersive 3-phase financial education experience, inspiring Gen Z to open their first student mBank account.

Using a 3-Phase AR Campaign on Snapchat

The campaign was taking place during the summer holiday when most young students were looking for a summer job to earn some of their first money. mBank decided to support Czech and Slovak youngsters in this important phase of their lives by educating them about it. The campaign was divided into 3 phases, where each was relevant for a precise period: looking for a first job, making first money, and then spending that first money. For each period mBank in collaboration with the Social Snack creative team designed an AR aimed at educating people about it.

First AR was showing Snapchatters the possible part-time jobs available for young people in CZ and SK, by allowing users to try the job outfit on. The second AR was all about earning first money by playing Catch Game. Third AR offered users a quiz, where they can test themselves and their friends on their spending habits and get to know, who is Savingsaurus and who is Spendzilla. Alongside smartly designed AR, mBank used their Public Profile to help young people more with their first job experience, having longer educating Stories about how to write a CV, how to do an interview, how to spend money smart etc.

Resulting in Successful Lifts in Ad Recall

Because of the strong creative video and AR strategy, the #navlastnitriko campaign was very successful in lifting Ad Recall, exceeding benchmarks across the Financial Services space against key players in Europe. The campaign achieved +32pt lift in ad recall, gained 7.7M impressions, and showed a strong 22.97 second average camera playtime rate along with 1.42% of click rate.

1 Data from Snap Ad Recall Results Q3 Jul-Sep.
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Oct 1, 2023.